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LEIFHEIT Easyclip Linomatic Sock Holder
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Suitable for all Linomatic models. Can hang 38 small items and 8 hangers.*Colour of item may vary from picture. Product description is general and does not necessarily mention all product features.Prices of products in the e-shop may differ from prices in supermarkets and service centres...
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LEIFHEIT 2gb. basket holders for Pegasus tumble dryers
-20 %
Includes 2 holders for drying small clothes. Set Suitable for all Pegasus and Condor tumble dryers. Small items holder Suitable for all tumble dryers with a cord diameter of 15-18 mm. 2 years Warranty...
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2.79€ 3.49€
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LEIFHEIT Accessories set for PEGASUS tumble dryer
-20 %
Includes 5 hangers and 2 holders for drying small clothes. The hangers have a special notch to keep them steady. Suitable for all Pegasus and Condor tumble dryers. The small item holder is suitable for all tumble dryers with a cord diameter of 15-18 mm...
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Designed to be mounted on different dryers or separately for drying over a bath or table. Designed for delicate products For drying fine linen, so that it does not leave impressions and does not deform. Size: 65 x 83cm..
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With the practical LEIFHEIT Laundry Knapsack, household chores can be done much faster. The knapsacks are easy to store. The bag is of particularly high quality thanks to the tightly woven fabric. The material of the bag protects the tongs from environmental influences such as rain. However, if wate..
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Suitable for delicate products thanks to silicone parts. The silicone surfaces do not leave ugly dents in the linen...
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Leifheit offers a 30-metre long washing line, which can be used to hang up about 3 washing machines. The washing line is made of polyester and coated with plastic. The material is UV- and weather-resistant, easy to clean and will not rust.Drying length: 30 mPlastic-coated and UV-resistant*Colour of ..
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LEIFHEIT Pin centering screw-in rotary joystick
-25 % On order
Centring, ground-screw pin for Leifheit rotary dryer. A quick and practical solution. The centring pin can be screwed into the ground without much effort and without the need to dig or pour concrete. The pin is suitable for all Leifheit rotary dryers as well as dryers with a central axis diameter of..
18.74€ 24.99€
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LEIFHEIT Protective cover for rotary dryer
-25 % On order
Leifheit Protective cover for rotary tumble dryersThe protective cover will protect your rotary tumble dryer from dirt and dust when not in use.The cover is not only practical and easy to use thanks to its long zipper, but it is also very durable as it is made of a highly resistant material that is ..
14.99€ 19.99€
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LEIFHEIT Screw-in pin for rotary dryer
-25 % On order
Designed for easy installation of the rotary dryer, which is screwed into the ground without the need for a labour-intensive concreting process. It is suitable for all Leifheit rotary dryers as well as parasols with a central axis diameter of 50 mm. The pin ensures that the dryer is securely fixed. ..
13.49€ 17.99€
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LEIFHEIT Set of wheels for Pegasus tumble dryers
Best Deal -30 %
Leifheit Pegasus Wheel SetA clever moving aid - the Leifheit Pegasus Wheel Set.This wheel set will fit almost all Leifheit Pegasus tumble dryers manufactured after 2010, except the Pegasus 120 and Pegasus Maxx. It will make it easier to move the dryer around the room. The castors are suitable for al..
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Telegant and Tower Tumble Dryer
-20 %
For more information visit holder for Telegant and Tower tumble dryers..
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2.40€ 2.99€
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65 years Leifheit
65 years Leifheit
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German quality
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Extended warranty
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