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Kitchen scales

Kitchen and household scales with removable weighing bowl (2.5L) with handy handle and spout. Mechanical TARE (weight attachment) function - instructions: place ingredients in bowl; adjust adjust the dial to the "0" position; add the ingredients as required. 3 years 2 years warranty. Max..
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SOEHNLE Cooking Star digital kitchen scales.Do you often find that when cooking you want to weigh small items such as herbs, spices, sugar or salt quickly and accurately? No problem with the SOEHNLE Cooking Star digital kitchen scales, which are shaped like spoons. With these precision scales, you'l..
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Digital kitchen scales with hygienic natural bamboo weighing platform that is easy to maintain. Touch-sensitive keys - a light touch on the key is enough. Large, easy-to-read LCD screen. Convenient weight adding function (TARE). Switches off automatically. Choice of units (g, kg and oz,lb)., graduat..
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The Soehnle Page Comfort Slim 300 electronic kitchen scales will stand out in any kitchen with their ultra-slim design.Thanks to its slim and compact design, the scales take up very little space in your kitchen.The practical weight adding function (TARA) allows you to weigh any ingredient. Equipped ..
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Soehnle Page Comfort 400 electronic kitchen scales with a sophisticated design. The scales are equipped with a clock function displayed on the LCD screen so you can always keep track of the cooking time. Weighing capacity up to 10kg with precise graduation - 1g. The practical weight adding function ..
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Soehnle Page Compact 300 electronic kitchen scales with a modern, ultra-slim design, ideal for your kitchen. Weighing capacity up to 5kg with precise graduation - 1g.The practical weight adding function (TARA) allows you to weigh any ingredient. Equipped with a patented touch screen that facilitates..
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TheSoehnle Page Profi 100 electronic kitchen scale is a true kitchen professional. Its design includes an ultra-thin surface made of impact-resistant glass and a built-in timer so you can always keep track of cooking time.Thanks to the high weighing capacity of 15kg and the large weighing surface, a..
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TheSoehnle electronic kitchen scales Page Profi 200 bring elegant design to any kitchen with their ultra-slim weighing surface made of high-quality stainless steel. A special fingerprint-resistant coating for easier maintenance and the scales stay clean longer.Besides its visual appearance, it also ..
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TheSoehnle Page Profi 300 electronic kitchen scales offer a number of impressive features.The HOLD function holds the last measurement on the screen for 10 seconds: a practical feature when weighing a large object that obscures the screen. The weight is displayed on a large and illuminated screen.Fo..
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Kitchen scales should be in every modern kitchen - that much is clear. Every gram counts to make the food you want, and to make it just right.The Soehnle Silver scales will impress you with their elegant design and functionality.The weighing base (glass plate) is removable. This makes the scales par..
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Page Aqua Proof electronic kitchen scales
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ThePage Aqua Proof digital kitchen scales can be safely put in the dishwasher or rinsed under running water thanks to their waterproof housing certified by the TÜV, the German Technical Inspection Association. The scales can withstand weights of up to 10 kg and are suitable for heavy dishes thanks t..
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This kitchen scale is the right choice if you need a convenient, compact scale with an elegant design. This appliance will surprise you with a capacity of 5kg and an accuracy of 1g. The 12mm LCD display of the Soehnle kitchen scales provides a clear and easy-to-read measurement. The scales also feat..
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